What’s on sale at the best movie theaters?

It was a very busy first week at the 2017 American Film Market, and there were plenty of great releases to watch, including a new release from Quentin Tarantino’s legendary “The Hateful Eight” franchise.

In fact, there was more new releases at the event than there were at any other market in 2017, according to a Variety survey of exhibitors.

“Hateful Eight,” which opened to $1.7 million on Friday, is the first film in the Tarantino franchise to gross more than $100 million domestically, with $1 million of that coming from Thursday night screenings.

The film has already grossed over $150 million globally.

There was also a new “Wonder Woman” film from Warner Bros. starring Gal Gadot, which is slated for a June 5 release.

In addition, Universal’s “Black Panther” opened on July 10 and is scheduled to gross $120 million worldwide.

In terms of new releases, “Spotlight,” a biopic of journalist Daniel Ellsberg, opened on April 15.

It’s the first non-fiction film to open at the box office this year and has earned $12 million.

Warner Bros.’

“Warcraft” is the next big release, with the studio expected to debut its latest release on May 19.

“Black Mirror,” the dystopian sci-fi comedy starring Winona Ryder, is expected to open May 31.

There were also two new releases from Sony Pictures Classics: the comedy “The Black List,” which is based on a true story, and the comedy drama “The Young Ones.”

Both of those movies are slated to gross between $25 million and $30 million, according a Variety analysis of the weekend.

The last two weeks have also seen some big releases.

The Weinstein Co.’s “Trolls” is scheduled for June 11, and Warner Bros’ “The Revenant” is slated to debut June 15.

The second weekend of the festival saw a slew of films with “Star Wars” or “Star Trek” themes, including “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” (June 9), which opened with $8.6 million, and “Taken,” which opens June 17.

There are also new releases on the horizon from Disney and Paramount.

“Rogue Nation” and “Zootopia” are expected to bow June 16, respectively.

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