Why Americans are so angry at the Chinese market

The Chinese market is no longer a gold mine for American businesses, and the latest data suggests that’s because Americans are less willing to invest in it.

In the latest market report from the S&P 500 index, which tracks a basket of sectors in the S.&amp.;P., the Chinese index dropped 0.4% in early afternoon trading Thursday.

The index is the most closely watched benchmark for the U.S. stock market.

But as China’s economy continues to falter, the country’s share of the market has fallen, and it’s now more closely followed by the European and Japanese markets.

The U.K. is down more than 10% since last November, while the German market has dropped about 1%.

“The Chinese are more sensitive to any sort of negative news,” said Paul Tudor Jones, a professor of economics at the University of Illinois and a former chief economist at the International Monetary Fund.

“That makes it more difficult for the United States to do business in China.”

That has led to an explosion in speculation, which is driving up the price of stocks.

Last week, China’s central bank announced it was cutting interest rates by an average of 0.2% for the first time in four years, which has fueled more trading.

The Federal Reserve said it will hike interest rates twice in the coming months.

But that hasn’t kept stocks from falling.

Dow Jones, for example, fell 7.2%.

On Friday, the Dow fell more than 30% on Thursday, falling from 5,400 to 4,974.

The market has been in a tailspin since November, when China’s stock market plummeted in a run-up fueled by fear of an economic slowdown.

The Chinese government’s stock bubble has now popped, and its market has taken a hit.

“I think the Chinese government has taken notice,” said Steve Smith, an economist at Capital Economics.

“The stock market is now way down.

It’s a very fragile environment.

And that means the Chinese can’t just sit back and wait for the stock market to get back up.

They need to take action.”

The market may have fallen a bit this year, but the Chinese economy is far from being in a bubble.

China’s gross domestic product grew 4.9% in the first quarter of this year.

The country’s gross debt rose 5% last year, to $3.9 trillion.

The central bank has been trying to keep the economy growing, which it has done in part by easing the currency.

China has also been trying a strategy known as “dynamic stabilizing,” which involves buying more debt and selling bonds.

But in recent months, the government has been gradually reducing its purchases of bonds and selling stocks.

Chinese companies have also been losing money as a result.

The share of Chinese companies with foreign headquarters has declined since last year.

In June, for instance, the share of foreign-owned companies rose to 19.6% from 16.5%.

“I don’t think you can just jump in and buy and sell,” Smith said.

“It’s going to take some time.”

The Chinese economy has been growing at a faster pace than most other countries in the world.

The economy grew by 5.6%, and it is expected to grow 6.6%-7% this year and 7.6-8% in 2018.

The last time the U,S.

and China’s economies were close to being equal was during the Great Depression, which lasted from 1933 to 1935.

But the U and U.N. are in a state of deep recession and are in the process of cutting aid to their economies.

As a result, the U’s government is slashing spending on social programs.

“We have a massive unemployment problem in this country,” President Donald Trump said this week.

“A lot of people are not going to be able to find jobs.”

That’s a big problem for the Chinese stock market as well, which was up 6% Thursday.

That’s because the Chinese share of all U. S. shares was down nearly 9% in 2017, according to FactSet.

As the U cuts aid, Chinese companies are going out of business.

In May, China announced that its companies had shuttered over 20% of their operations in the past three years.

That includes many smaller companies that have been operating in China for years.

The economic slowdown is hurting Chinese companies, too.

The stock market has lost more than half of its value since last summer, when the Chinese Communist Party instituted an anti-corruption crackdown.

That has put pressure on companies that don’t have enough money to repay debts.

“There’s a lot of stress in China,” said Charles Wang, a financial analyst at Morgan Stanley.

“When it comes to growth, you can’t take the U with you if you want to grow in China.

It doesn’t matter if you are a Chinese company or an American company

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