Which country’s digital marketers are doing the most right?

Digital marketers are making a major comeback in the U.S., according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal.

The report estimates that digital marketing spend is up almost 7 percent for all sectors of the market.

That’s a big jump from the previous year, when digital marketing spent was down 3 percent.

The Journal noted that digital spending is also growing faster than advertising spending.

But, the report cautioned, that growth is still small and slow compared to the rise in mobile advertising spending and the rise of e-commerce.

That means digital marketing spending in particular will need to grow fast to keep pace with rising e-consumer spending.

The paper noted that the rise and fall of digital spending has created a lot of confusion in the industry.

While the rise may seem dramatic, many of the experts surveyed in the report said that the digital landscape is not quite as stable as the industry believes.

The WSJ also noted that some digital marketers and advertisers believe they are ahead of their competition in digital advertising.

One of the reasons the digital ad market has been so volatile over the past few years is that many digital ad buyers have been unable to effectively market their ads.

And the WSJ said that a lot more companies are being forced to rethink their digital strategy.

For example, there are many new ad platforms, platforms that do not currently exist, and that may cause advertisers to rethink how they will spend their ad dollars.

And it is unclear if these new ad technologies will be able to take advantage of the new ad-buying power that digital advertising is expected to bring.

But the WSJP said that even if these digital ad platforms do take advantage, it will take a while before consumers can start buying ads.

“It is unclear whether digital advertising will be the dominant form of ad buying for the foreseeable future,” the WSJC report concluded.

The study comes just as companies across the country are looking to capitalize on digital growth.

Many companies are focusing on the rising number of digital ad dollars and trying to turn this spending into real estate, or even into their own brands.

The New York Times reported that Facebook is looking to expand its reach into digital advertising, and its acquisition of the social media giant Instagram is also looking to grow its ad sales.

The Associated Press noted that Instagram recently bought Instagram ad sales company Zulily for $2 billion, which means that Instagram has bought up advertising space in over 30 million U.K. homes.

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