UK companies are spending £2bn on Brexit, but that’s still not enough to boost jobs and growth

By Chris Morris UK businesses are spending more than £2 billion on Brexit and will still need to spend a further £1.6 billion to achieve the government’s ambition of creating at least 10,000 jobs and a boost to growth, according to a report.

Theresa May is to deliver a Brexit Bill in the autumn, but it is expected to include a series of measures that would benefit the sector.

These include a new “social licence” that will allow companies to sell goods and services directly to customers, a new duty-free trading scheme, and a plan to establish a new regional trade centre in the UK.

Companies in the City of London are already benefiting from the economic boost that Brexit will bring.

According to the Institute for Fiscal Studies, UK-based companies have seen a rise of more than 3,000% in the value of their stock in the last two years.

In contrast, companies in the EU have seen their shares fall by more than 1,600% in value.

This year, the UK will also receive £1bn from the European Investment Bank, the first step towards creating a new capital fund to help finance the UK’s Brexit-related spending.

However, the Bank of England will be left with less capital than last year.

The UK will still receive the money to spend on Brexit in the coming months.

“The chancellor has promised that this is a significant new investment in the country,” said Steve Baker, chief executive of the CBI.

“But it will be up to ministers to deliver the necessary fiscal and economic stimulus.”

The CBI says that the UK economy is expected in 2019 to have more than 150,000 direct jobs.

However this number does not take into account indirect employment, which could be up for grabs.

The CBI also says that a “Brexit shock” could see the number of EU citizens living and working in the United Kingdom fall by as much as 40% by 2023.

This would lead to a rise in net migration to the UK, which would affect the number and size of households.

The UK has already lost almost two million jobs in the sector, and it will take years to recover this, according the CBI’s Baker.

The biggest beneficiaries of the new investment will be in the construction industry.

The construction industry has been in a recession since the Great Recession of 2008.

It is the biggest sector in the economy, accounting for about 12% of gross domestic product.

The construction sector, which employs about 3.5 million people, employs more than half of the UK workforce.

The Government has promised to spend £30 billion to create jobs in construction and other industries by the end of 2019.

The government has also announced that it will invest £40 billion in the NHS by 2020, including £2.3 billion to boost health.

The government also has plans to support businesses by encouraging them to invest more in research and development.

The CBI said this would help boost the UK manufacturing sector by creating thousands of new jobs.

The report also said that companies would benefit from an additional £1 billion in tax relief for businesses from the Brexit settlement, including from the new duty on energy products and from the repeal of the VAT on tobacco products.

This will boost investment in new and existing businesses and create tens of thousands of jobs in both the private and public sectors.

The new tax relief will create more than 400,000 new jobs in a decade and provide more than $100 billion to the economy.

However there are concerns that the additional relief will not last.

Baker told Business Insider that the government must ensure that the tax relief scheme is targeted at businesses that benefit from the current tax regime.

“If we don’t make sure it is a benefit to all, then we are not going to have the same impact that we are getting from the previous tax regime,” he said.

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