A German Christmas market hit by Russian hacks

Germany’s Christmas market is in the middle of a massive cyberattack that’s left dozens of retailers unable to sell their products amid concerns over Russian interference.

The Russian hacking attack has left hundreds of stores unable to open and has left some of Germany’s largest markets like Hamburg, Brandenburg, Cologne and Dusseldorf completely closed.

The latest disruption of a holiday market is affecting a number of retail chains including a local chain, Biergarten in Bremen, which has had to shut its doors due to the cyberattack, according to local media.

The chain said that around 70% of its stores have been shut down and that some stores were closed in the morning due to “technical difficulties,” according to Biergericht.

The Biergie Bier Garten chain, which is owned by a company in the German town of Leipzig, has also been affected.

It said it has opened its doors for customers only after the attack was contained, adding that it is still processing orders and preparing for further shutdowns.

Germany’s biggest retailer, the Ruhr regional shopping mall chain, was also hit by the cyber attack, and all of its retail outlets were shut down as well.

The mall has reported that the impact of the cyber-attack has been felt by nearly 500 retailers and nearly 50% of them have closed their doors.

The number of affected stores is growing every day, according the local news outlet WirtschaftsWoche.

In total, nearly 150 retailers have been affected, with most of them located in the Berlin, Hamburg, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Munich, and Munich-Brandenburg regions, according TOB.

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