Walmart’s fresh market and fish market to open in North Carolina

Walmart has announced it is opening a new North Carolina fish market, a market for fresh seafood that will be located in a community known for its fishing.

Walmart’s new Fresh Market and Fish Market in Charlotte, North Carolina, is the first market in the state that will serve customers of all ages.

The new market will have a wide variety of seafood options, with a wide array of fresh fish, fish tacos, salads, and entrees.

WalMart’s Fresh Market, which is located in Charlotte’s former headquarters, will be the first fish market in North America, with the intention of growing the business and attracting more seafood buyers to the region, said Doug Brown, Walmart’s regional vice president of sales and marketing.

“We’re excited to be a part of the community that has been known for having great fish and seafood, and bringing fresh seafood to our customers,” Brown said.

The market, which will be open to the public starting in the spring, will have about 100 customers on site, with more to come.

“Our goal is to provide a fun and enjoyable experience for all of our customers and guests,” Brown added.

Walton County officials, who have been working for months to develop the plan, are expecting to open the fish market by the end of May, with construction set to begin next month.

Walter Jones, the North Carolina Fish Commission chairman, told local news outlet WTVD that the project will also create jobs.

Walons seafood business has been booming in the last few years, with about 7.3 million pounds of fresh seafood sold by the retail giant last year, according to a report from FoodNavigator.

The company currently has about 2,500 employees across the US.

The latest report said that by 2020, Wal-Mart plans to open at least 20 new restaurants in the US, with an eye on opening another five in North American.

Wal-Mart has been looking to expand its sales and operations in the North American market.

Last year, the company announced plans to expand into California, but that was later scrapped after a legal dispute with the state’s Democratic governor, Jerry Brown.

In a statement, Walmart said that it is looking forward to serving the local communities and communities in North Carolinas, and will work with them to achieve their goal of creating jobs and economic development in the region.

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