NFL teams looking for healthy alternatives to frozen pizza

Updated July 12, 2018 10:45:07 The National Football League and the NFL Players Association have teamed up to launch a program that aims to help NFL players maintain a healthy diet while competing at the highest level.

The National Football Reinsurance Initiative is a partnership between the NFL and the National Football Players Association, which will help players who are interested in participating in health-related activities get healthier, said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Players will receive training on healthy eating, exercise and nutrition in conjunction with the NFL.

The initiative has a goal to help 10 percent of players in the league sign up for the program, which was unveiled Thursday.

The program is aimed at helping NFL players who want to maintain their health get healthier and stay active at the top of the game.

The NFLPA also said that it is working with health care professionals, health education experts and NFL-approved nutritionists to develop a plan to help the players get healthy.

The NFLPA said the initiative will help NFL athletes get healthier by helping them manage their own diet, lose weight and maintain healthy lifestyles while playing in the NFL, a sport that is among the most popular in the world.

The program, called Healthy Football, aims to offer an alternative to the frozen pizza and other fast food products that are common in the United States.

The plan is aimed to help players get healthier while competing in the highest-level competitions.

The goal is to help prevent overuse injuries, which can result in lower productivity and can lead to increased rates of obesity, according to a report by the NFLPA.

The new initiative comes after several players from both the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins took part in a study to assess the health benefits of frozen pizza in July.

The study found that players were healthier than non-frozen pizza.

The study, which is scheduled to be completed in early August, will look at the health of NFL players during a competition, a food item or other activity that would likely lead to injury or loss of time.

The team that participated in the study, the NFL Research Institute, said it is now working with teams to identify how to make frozen pizza a healthy option for players.

The researchers hope to have results from the study completed by the end of August, said Scott W. Taylor, director of the NFL research institute.

The league has partnered with nutrition experts, health educators and other health care experts to develop the Healthy Football initiative.

The plan also includes nutritional counseling and other resources for players who choose to participate.

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