Why are we all losing faith in stock markets?

The world’s stock market is a huge and important part of our economy, but many people are getting tired of hearing about it.

Today, the stock market lost nearly 2 percent of its value last year.

While it has been steadily increasing, the market has lost about a third of its market capitalization since its peak in 2009.

The markets market is not the only financial institution struggling with this problem.

The stock market, which is the primary way Americans make money, has also been hit by a variety of economic trends over the last couple of decades.

These trends have hurt investors’ bottom lines, and have led to an even bigger selloff in the stock markets.

The latest downturn in the markets market comes after several years of massive price declines.

But while the markets are currently losing value, there is still plenty of time to pull back and make things better for investors.

Here are five things you need to know about the stock exchange and the stock-market crash that occurred last week.1.

The market crashed because of the election Donald Trump Donald Trump won the election in November, and he won big on the stockmarket.

While many investors were happy to see him take office, many others were worried about his plans to implement tax cuts that could devastate their retirement savings.

Investors were also concerned that his policies would cause more companies to leave the market and that the U.S. stock market could slide even more if the president were to follow through on his promises to cut taxes.

But as Trump’s election campaign unfolded, investors started to look at stock prices differently.

Trump, who won the presidential election by a small margin over Democrat Hillary Clinton, was elected by a much larger margin than Clinton, and many were willing to trade stocks for political gains.

Investors who had been betting on the market being a great place to trade were now trading stocks for profit.

The Trump-led market rally and subsequent selloff coincided with a significant rally in the U,S.


This increased the value of the dollar and helped make the stock price seem more affordable for many investors.2.

The crisis didn’t start until after the election As stocks began to plummet, there was a massive drop in the value in the dollar.

Investors started selling their dollars and stocks in hopes that the market would regain some of the value it lost from the election.

Investors didn’t realize that the collapse in the market was only the beginning of the crisis.

In addition to the massive selloff, the markets started to rally again in mid-December.

The rally continued through January, and by the end of the month, the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit an all-time high.

Investors had been trading stocks and bonds for so long that they had grown accustomed to seeing the market soar in value.3.

The U. S. stock exchange’s failure was largely due to political instability, not financial problems The collapse in stock prices has played a major role in the collapse of the U.,S.

financial system, which has helped create the conditions for the stock bubble.

Many financial experts say that the failure of the stock exchanges stock market to recover was largely the result of political instability.

According to a recent study from the Center for Strategic and International Studies, political instability played a huge role in why stocks were able to rise so quickly.

While instability can be expected for markets as large as the stock economy, it can also lead to a crash if the political situation deteriorates.

“When instability is not present, markets will tend to collapse,” the authors of the study wrote in the study.

In fact, the study found that the stock and bond markets experienced the biggest drop in value in history in 2011.

When instability was absent, markets were able see significant increases in value, even though the political turmoil didn’t play a role.4.

Stock prices are down because of government bailouts, not stock markets Trump has said that he would create millions of jobs by reducing taxes and reducing regulations.

But the stock stock market was still soaring in January, when Trump’s economic policies were being implemented.

The economy has been in free fall for a number of years, and most investors were still trading in stocks for economic gain.

As the market started to decline, many investors started selling stocks in an attempt to regain some part of their gains.

But a few months after the Trump administration took office, stock prices started to drop again.

Investors continued to sell stocks in a desperate attempt to recover some of their losses, but that only made things worse.

Investors stopped buying stocks, and stocks plummeted even further.5.

The crash wasn’t due to any particular factor The market crash was due to a combination of factors, but they weren’t due in any particular order.

Investors made a few big mistakes during the market crash.

They made poor investments.

They didn’t properly manage their money.

They weren’t paying enough attention to their investments.

The biggest one was that they were overpaying for stocks,

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